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Revenge Stories #39

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Revenge Story #39

I went to a small high school and one of the most popular girls in school had parties on a regular basis. I didn't make the cheerleading squad because of her. Even though I knew the routine better than any of the other girls. I even helped a lot of them with it. I was a freshman and she was a senior and at this small school the seniors chose who did and didn't make the squad. And since she was MOST POPULAR she had the deciding vote (everyone else voted how she did). I was in band with her and we were even in the same plays. I'm not quite sure why she didn't like me, we never got into any fights and I never did anything to her.

Well, She decided to have a party to end all parties. She invited everyone who was in the play to the party on a day when she knew that I couldn't be there. Then in band she was talking to people behind my back, inviting them. I mean literally talking to them behind my back, she sat next to me. I was second chair (meaning that I was the second best player) and she was third chair. I didn't like this girl and wouldn't have come to her party anyway, but the way she did it made me so mad. So after talking it over with my sister who was in her grade we decided to play a little joke on her.

We sat up all night before her party making "advertising posters". Keep in mind that since her parents were going to be away for the whole weekend and she lived in a nice house with a pool and lots of extras that she was going to be having fun all weekend long! I stress the word WAS. I wrote the posters on regular white paper. Oh about 40 of them. Advertising that there would be beer, drugs, sex and unbelievable fun under the sun! We made up cute little slogans, I have never had so much fun in all my life!

The next day I went into school early, something I never did. I put tape on a few at a time and then nonchalantly walked around the school and popped them on the wall as I was walking, so not to be noticed. I put them on the mirrors of all of the bathrooms including the boys. There were three of them on a mirror that this girl was looking at making sure she was as beautiful as she knew she was. She didn't even notice them. One of her friends had to point them out to her. Meanwhile, I acted normal and never said a word about it to anyone. It was the talk of the school.

In band she was talking about them and asked me if I knew anyone who would do something that low. She even showed them all to me. I looked thru them with a shocked look on my face trying my best not to laugh my ass off. I told her I couldn't imagine who would even want to do something like that to her. She had to cancel her party and stay away from her house all weekend long!!! Whenever I think back to that day, it amazes me that I didn't get caught and gives me a good laugh.

(Though I am never an advocate of ruining a party, I must still give you an "A" on this highschool revenge. Of course, it's not really a party unless you're there, right? Great story! --


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