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Revenge Stories #38

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Revenge Story #38

These are two revenge stories regarding the same issue: Missionaries

A friend of mine answered his door one day and, yet again, another missionary wanted to talk to him about the kingdom of heaven. My friend was late getting up and was scrambling to get dressed for work, so he answered the door half dressed and irritated.

The missionaries persisted. His roommate (a married man with two children mind you!), hearing the conversation came out in his bathrobe and wrapped his arms around my flustered friend in front of the missionaries piping up "Who's at the door dear?" and pecked him on the cheek. The Missionaries apparently turned sheet white and left...never to be seen at the address again.

The other story is similar. This friend had a night job so he slept in late in the morning. Missionaries arrived at his door bright and early one morning and so he decided to answer the door and give them a bit of a scare.

He answered the door with nothing on but a half opened robe holding a jar of Vaseline. The Missionaries were disturbed but undaunted. Exasperated my friend announced, "Look I just got through having sex and she really likes to cuddle afterwards you know?!" The missionaries mutter apologizes "we're sorry, sir. Please apologize to your wife for us as well...". My friend huffed at them and said "Why would I marry a goat?" tossed them the Vaseline and slammed the door.



.(Great stories Tia! While these are probably two highly effective methods for dealing with Missionaries, I will NEVER try either of them!!--


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