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Revenge Stories #35

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Revenge Story #35

I had a teenaged neighbor who used to baby-sit for my husband and me until I found she was doing drugs. When we found this out we no longer asked her to baby-sit. I told a neighbor friend who told her mother. When her mother came asking I told her yes, I believed her daughter was doing drugs. Apparently this upset her daughter.

My husband's car was smeared with peanut butter and my car was keyed. We also received about 10 prank calls a day. Well, I got real upset when I started hearing she was spreading rumors. I tried to warn her but she would not listen so she had to learn the hard way. I would call everyday at her job claiming to be her mother and ask for her. Had several friends claim they saw her spit in someone's food. (She worked in a large fast food chain.) She wound up fired.

I then spread the rumor that the reason she no longer baby-sat was that my husband and I caught her making out with a female friend in our house. Someone (I wonder who) left tire tacks under her car tires. And every time I saw her out of school I would call her school and let them know she was cutting. I also hooked up my video camera and caught her on tape keying my husband's car. She paid dearly. I also caught her on film making out with another boy and sent a copy to her boyfriend.

Needless to say, I won and we haven't heard from her since.

(Wow! Don't mess with a pro! This story is kind of like Rocky IV, when Rocky comes out of retirement to fight the Russian who killed Apollo. Except, Rocky didn't come out of retirement (he was still the champ); the Russian really didn't do anything wrong (Rocky didn't throw in the towel to save Apollo); and there is no mention of revenge or a babysitter in the entire movie. Whatever! Go rent it and judge for yourself. Thanks for the great story!--


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