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Revenge Stories #34

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Revenge Story #34

Okay I know you guys have heard about the whole sugar in the gas tank thing.

Well I'm a lawyer for a top 7 law firm in Florida. I had just graduated from law school and it was the day of taking my bar exam. This guy Peter and I just didn't get a long. He always scored the highest on all the school exams, and was always bragging on how he was the smartest soon to be lawyer there was. After 3 years of law school and 1 year of the graduate program, I was just about fed up with his smack.

So the day of the Florida Bar Exam, instead of actually putting sugar in his tank, (because believe it or not, it is illegal to pour sugar in the tank of an automobile it falls under destruction of personal property) I took the sugar, and with a little bit of glue, placed sugar from his gas tank on down the side of the car, so it gave the impression of sugar being in the tank. Well when Peter went to get into his car he noticed the sugar, and instead of risking ruining the engine, he had to call a tow truck an have the truck tow his car to a garage.

By the time he and the mechanic realized that there wasn't any sugar in the engine he missed the exam, and ended up having to take it 4 months later. By then I was given the job at the law firm we both wanted so bad, and I do believe he's working as ambulance chaser now.

Payback is a b*tch.


(Kevin, you rule!! Not only did you spite the arrogant and annoying showoff, but you also covered your back in the process. Your revenge was "sweet." Get it, "sugar" and "sweet?" Get it? Ok, that joke was corny. --


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