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Revenge Stories #32

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Revenge Story #32

When I was sixteen I fell into the wrong crowd and met and started dating the worst kind of guy. Once we got into a simple argument and he tried to throw me off a second floor balcany. His friends grabbed me just in time. Then another time him and one of his friends broke into my parents apartment late at nignt. They were high on cocaine at the time, anyway they came into my room and both of them raped me. I was too scared at the time to tell anyone. But one night I popped all the tires on his car. He was so upset he told everyone that he was going to kill the person who did it. I wound up moving away shortly after but before I did I told a few people that I was the one who did it. He did come after me but I moved just in time.

About 4 years later I returned to that town to visit some friends and I found out what happened to him. He was selling LSD and had about 7 sheets of it on his person when the cops pulled him over. He got scared and ate all 7 sheets. Now he is so messed up that he can't go outside by his self. He has to be babysat by either is mom or his brother because his mind is so messed up. He doesn't even recognize people he has known for years. I don' know what happened to the other guy who raped me but I'm sure it is nothing good.

(I am so sorry that this happend to you. I really hope that this being posted help you get over the pain. I promise you and all the readers out there I would not have posted this unless I thought it would ehlp you. Rape is never a funny subject, neither is domestic violence. If you readers think I did the right thing by posting this, please let me know. If I did the wrong thing, let me know too. I wish you nothing but the best. --


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