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Revenge Stories #31

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Revenge Story #31

Recently I found out that my live in fiance' had posted a personal ad on the internet. Yes, I cracked his code! So, I decided to reply to it. But not as myself.

I made up a person that completely fits his wildest fantacy. We have been talking for a little over a month now. I guess you could say we are having e-mail cybersex since we can't chat in a room. Things are really heated now and he has asked this "person" to dinner, all the while they have been talking about meeting at a hotel room and getting it on.He has told me about her but insists that he isn't going to meet her. I know better.

I plan to get the hotel room and follow him that night to see if he goes to meet this imaginary person. I want to take a video camera to chatch it on tape. (him going up to the door and all-and I am sure he will have some things with him) When he gets home (if he goes) the shit is going to hit the fan and he is completely out of my life. If he doesn't go, then I might consider still marrying him. >=)

What do you think of my marriage test?

(I think that's a great marriage test. If he does go in, don't marry him. The shit should hit the fan. Oh, did I just say shit? I forgot, I don't print profanity. By the way, if you ever want a "cyber-friend" look no further than


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