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Revenge Stories #30

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Revenge Story #30

This story is about the same victim in the Deer Urine story. It shows how big of a jerk he can be.

This was back in the 11th grade. In one of his classes there was a girl from China, she was an exchange student and he picked on her all year. Just because she was from China he made her life miserable. He'd Say stereotypical things and such about her out loud in class, often bringing her to tears. He got in trouble sometimes but nothing more than detention and on rare occasions.

With only one week left in the school year he made a rude comment about her. The teacher made him go out in the hall and apologize to her. When they stepped out side he started to apologize, but she took action. She kicked him in the nuts, and he bent over in severe pain and she started hitting him on the back and he fell to the ground where she stomped him a couple of times.

The teacher heard the noise and opened the door to see what happened. The whole class saw and laughed that he got beat up by this little girl. The teacher didn't get her in trouble either because she knew how he treated her all year.

In about an hour it was all over school. Everyone made fun of him. No one would sit with him at lunch. The whole last week people called him Samurai Boy.

She truely made his life hell like he did hers. It was good revenge.


(Cool! He got what he deserved if you ask me. To all the women out there- getting kicked in the nuts really hurts. So please, don't do it unless you "have to." Of course, I don't know when you would "have to" kick someone in the nuts, but whatever. --


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