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Revenge Stories #3

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Revenge Stories #3

Hi, I have a pretty crazy story I would like to share with you guys. I was dating this girl a couple of years ago. The relationship was nothing serious, but we had a decent time together and sex was ****ing unbelievable. So everything is normal for a while, but I can kinda tell that this girl is dating on the side even though she wouldn't admit to it. It's not even the fact that she was dating on the side that bothered me. It was the fact that she would lie about it that I didn't like.

One day, me and some friends went out to a local bar to have some drinks and meet some chicks. My friend Jason was talking about some chick he was seeing. Well, seeing is a "nice" word for it because he was actually just sleeping with her. He started describing a night when they had some wild sex and he mentions a tattoo of a black rose that's on the inner thigh of the chick he's screwing. Immediately, I focus on the tattoo and I asked him to describe it. Sure enough, it was the same exact tattoo that was on the leg of the girl I was dating. The only problem was that the names of this girl didn't match up.

The next time I saw this girl, I asked if she was seeing a guy named Jason, and of course, she denied it. Jason and me talked and eventually put together a plan to end all the confusion.

So one day, Jason had the girl come over to his house. One thing lead to another and they started getting down. All this time, I am under the bed. By this time, I definitely know that we have been screwing the same chick. So I'm under the bed, a little pissed off, and anxious at the same time because I know that I'll get the last laugh.

After they get done, Jason starts asking her about me and of course she denies it and says, "I met him once and I didn't like him. He was just not my type of guy." At that point, I came out from underneath the bed. If you could have seen the look on this girls face; you would have thought I was the ****ing grim reaper. Me and Jason started laughing and we both put her out. We never talked to her again, but I have seen her around since that day. She immediately turns bright red and looks away. Now that's how you get revenge on a cheating girl!


p.s. Great site!! I just sent a "mean boss" letter package to my boss! Keep up the good work!

(Hey Chuck, how the hell did you fit under the bed? Better yet, how long did you have to stay under there? Good story. Alright, I want to see some revenge stories that are about something other than boyfriends/girlfriends! --


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