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Revenge Stories #28

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Revenge Story #28

I once had this boyfriend, who was a complete jerk. He would go out every Friday and Saturday nite with his friends, while I stayed at home. That's not the really bad part. He would come home and be so drunk he could barely stand. But let me tell you his mouth was working just fine. He would start to accuse me of messing around on him, call me all kinds on dirty names, and in general make an ass out of himself.

Eventually, I got sick of this (go figure), and moved out. But before I did, I took his toothbrush and cleaned the entire toilet bowl with it. Even the gross stuff under the rim. Then I put it back in the toothbrush holder.

I figured if he wanted to have a sewer mouth, I would help him out. To this day, everytime I think of him brushing his teeth with that toothbrush, I laugh. And gag a little.


(Hey Sherry, I bet this guy is a great "trash talker!" Ok, I know it was a lame joke. Great story!--


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