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Revenge Stories #27

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Revenge Stories #27

I have a great old time releasing a lot of stress from the work week.

Every Saturday morning I gather up all the 'junk mail' I've gotten throughout the week, i.e., credit card and loan offers, sweepstakes entries from magazine companies, basically all the stuff you would trash immediately while cursing at the time you spent to go to the mailbox.

With all of the mail that includes a postage-paid return envelope, I take the entire contents, including the envelope it came in, remove any traces of my name/address, stuff it in the return envelope and send it right back to 'em!

Now they're getting their own junk mail right back, and it doesn't cost me a penny!! Now ain't THAT some payback?!!

(That is some payback for sure! I'd wish more people would start doing this. I bet we'd all stop getting a lot of that junk mail. Better yet, I'd love to see the faces of the people opening the return envelope!--

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