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Revenge Stories #25

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Revenge Stories #25

Hello, I found your website to be one of the most entertaining things on the internet. Anyways I thought this story might interest you.

Ever so often (but too frequent) I would recieve a phone call from this dancing corporation of some sort. They would ask me the same question, "Where did the Tango come from, Brazil or Italy?" No matter which answer I gave them, I would be the "lucky" winner and recieve free dance lessons if I would sign up for some odd number other lessons.

I got rather sick of dealing with these people, so one day another of those B@#$!@$# decided to call and again ask me the same question, except this time i was ready for them. I began to scream, "I have no legs, you jerk, how could you ask me if I want free dance lessons when i can't even walk!?"

The poor man on the other line apologized profusously as I continued to bless him out and to this day I have not received another phone call from the annoyances.


(Megs, you have written about a topic I was waiting to hear hear about from our visitors: annoying telemarketers! Great job handling the situation. It gave me a needed laugh! Oh yeah, thanks for the compliment on the site! --

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