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Revenge Stories #24

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Revenge Story #24

I love the hilarious stories on this site and I figured I'd share one from my freshman year to go with the college theme on here. In my dorm our Proctor was kind of a stick in the mud, always giving out fines for noise infractions, busting people over drinking games, little things like that.

One night he was set to go out with these 2 freshmen girls and we knew he'd be bringing back at least one to his room hoping to score. After he left we tracked down a guy from another floor who had the master key set for all the dorm rooms and he got us into the Proctor's room.

We removed EVERYTHING from his room and locked it in a downstairs storage area. However we did find a nice little healthy stash of porn which gave us a few ideas. We stapled up hard core centerfold pics, left some lying spread open on the floor plus a few well placed sex toys and some jars of lube lying around.

About midnight we see him and one of the girls coming up the stairs so every guy on the floor locks themselves in their rooms, totally quiet. We're all listening at our doors when we heard his key turning, a bit of a pause and then "YOU MOTHER*******S!!!".

I'm not really sure what the girl thought of all this as none of us came out of our rooms till the next morning so that no one could be fingered specifically, but it sure was hard trying to stifle the laughs that night hehe


(This has to be one fo my favorites! Creative, effective, and funny-- Great job!! I'd love to hear more stories from you!


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