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Revenge Stories #23

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Revenge Story #23

My name is Dallia, and I have a story from High School that I want to share. In high school, I was not that popular with the "in" crowd, but I had my own friends and had a good time. There was one girl that I really couldnít stand. I actually dreaded seeing her. She was a little rich brat. I, on the other hand was kind of poor. I didnít hate her because she had money, I hated her because she would always make fun of me not having money. My revenge on her came completely out of the blue. It was pure luck.

My class had just graduated and it was one of those "end of the year" beer parties that everyone in the class went to. This party was at a kidís house in a decent neighborhood. In order to keep the cops from knowing which house the party was at, we parked all over different streets.

When I showed up to the party, I was a couple of hours late. I walked by a car with a girl passed out in the passenger side of a car. Looking in the car, I noticed it was the rich girl that had been harassing me for years. My time for revenge had come!

I found a couple of my guy friends that I knew liked to do crazy sh!t in the party. I told them the situation and they were down to help me out. I drove them to the grocery store, and we bought a bunch of saran wrap. We then got back to the car with my least favorite person passed out in the passenger seat. The next five minutes were spent wrapping up he car with her in it! I never heard what happened when she woke up, but I can imagine! And think, it was all pure luck. . .and some creativity!

(Hey Dallia, there only a few things that I really don't like, and people that think they are superior becuase of their money is one of them. It makes my day that she got what she


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