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Revenge Stories #22

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Revenge Story #22

A while back, a girlfriend and I were to doubledate with a couple of other neighbor guys to go to the movies.

We waited and waited; our dates did not arrive. We checked their house, and both cars were still there. However, as these two Lotharios were avid cyclists, we assumed they left on their bicycles without us. haha.

Not to be thwarted, we went to the theatre 3 miles down the road. Sure enough, their 18 speeds were carefully chained up outside. Did I neglect to mention that we brought along a tool box? Not that we ever intended to use the chainsaw, but I digress.

While everyone was inside after the show started, we got to work. Visegrips are a truly wonderful invention. We then went on home to await our 'dates come lately', and sat on the roof for better survellience.

Some 4 hours later, we had the satisfaction of seeing them riding their bikes quite precariously (and painfully) up the road towards home. They never did find out what happened to their bicycle seats. I often wonder if they have sired large families now.

She's Bad, She's Nationwide

(BadGirl! You hit'em where it hurts, for sure! I don't know who I feel more sorry for, you or the poor guy's "family jewels!


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