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Revenge Stories #21

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Revenge Story #21

Here's a very good way to undermine an incompetent, insecure boss. Particularly if s/he displays Supervision by Sexuality 101. i.e., flashes T & A to keep upper management in constant arousal, thereby overlooking gross negligence:

Log into an adult chat-room, the grungier the better - one with alot of participation Make sure that you can participate anonymously, no registration, etc. Create a profile, to include a very provacative nick name: Lotta_licks, Harry_hung, you get the picture. Of course, this name should bear the name of your boss. In the profile, put his/her manager's office e-mail addy, and indicate that you would like some graphic interaction, pics, etc. The more details the better. You really enjoy visual stimulation! Participate vigorously in the chat-room session; it's almost guaranteed you will get several 'bites', personal chat requests. These are particularly helpful if you are unable to create a profile. In these personal chats, get downright naughty, and send the manager's email addy again, with the same request of needing graphic interaction, the more the better.

Be sure to send to your newfound playmate your immediate supv's MANAGER's addy, as it will only irritate your supv to get these dirty e-mails; it is better if they go to his/her's MGR, directed to your supv's name. His/her mgr will quickly wonder just what his employee supervisor is up to in their spare time, or more to the point, company time.

This is done completely anonymously, as the dirty e-mails come from a completely different source, Australia say, from some stud called HUNGDOWNUNDER. On the plus side, you get some while in the chatroom.

(That is some good stuff. It is so well detailed and thought out. Why am I thinking that you've done this before? Good for you!--


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