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Revenge Stories #20

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Revenge Story #20

ok i gotta nother one guys...i hope this is good enuff...

lets say my last name is Brown...i owed about 75 bucks to sprint for long distance phone calls..sprint kept calling me like 2 or 3 times a week,they are bastards!! i sent them a check for 10 bucks even though i had enuff for the whole thing,i wrote on the check,"checks get smaller as harrassment increases"

they called again,again & again. my bills were made out to a "D.Brown" The man who called last asked me what the "D" stood for...i said David(which was a lie). i told him David went on a vacation,wouldn`t be back for 2 weeks

These bills started coming in from sprint to David, i`m not David so i couldn`t open them ( that would be wrong )i wrote on the envelope, no david here!!mailed them back!! They started calling for David, i was telling them no David lives here after approx six weeks all was quiet

it`s been 6 months no sign of a bill or if anyone out there sees David tell him he owes sprint some cash heeheehee it`s kind of like a prank,but if they just left me alone they would have got there money

great page


(Hey Dave, that's pretty sweet! I think I need a "David Brown" at my residence!--


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