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Revenge Stories #19

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Revenge Story #19

This story always makes me laugh. This happened when I was in college back in the early 80's. I lived in a pretty nice apartment complex that was about ten minutes off of campus. I had a corner apartment, so I was lucky to have only one neighbor. Or at least I though I was. My one neighbor just happened to be one of the loudest people imaginable. His music was loud, and it was almost always playing. Being a college student, it didn't bother me too much at first. Eventually, I had to ask him to keep it a little be quieter. However, he never would.

There was other stuff I heard too. He had a girlfriend that he would get intimate with about four nights a week. I could hear everything through the walls, and damn was she loud! Every now and again, I would run into his girl as she was going over to his place, and she would always act flirtatious. I had no idea I would use this to my advantage one day.

One evening, my neighbor was blasting his music and doing the usually loud crap when I decided that I was going to go over there and let him know how I felt. However, as I was ready to leave, I heard a loud noise and a screeching sound. I ran outside, and saw a large dent in my car and his car flying out of the complex. I was mad! I was waiting outside for this guy to come back when his girlfriend showed up to see her man. This time I was gonna hit him where it hurts.

I started talking to his girl and she was flirting as usual. I then invited her into my place to smoke some weed. She accepted very quickly. We went inside, got high, and one thing lead to another. We ended up having sex, and man was she loud! In fact, when we were having sex, my neighbor came home. He must have heard us because he promptly came outside as she was leaving. You should have seen his face.

It never really got quieter over at my neighbors. It actually got louder for about two weeks-if the music wasn't on, all I would hear was he and his girlfriend fighting! They eventually broke up. Good enough revenge for me.


(Hey Will, you have made a good point. Sometimes revenge is not about solving your problem, but rather creating more problems for the person pissing you off!!


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