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Revenge Stories #18

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Revenge Stories #18

This girl my sister new had been dating this guy. Well the guy eventually dumped her and a month later started dating my sister. Well instead of getting revenge on this guy she decided to go after my sister. She stole all my sisters clothes and towel after gym class while my sister was in the shower. Well I had already graduated and got the call from the school to bring her some more clothes.

Well this ruined my day so I thought I'd help my sister out. Well our parents were out of town so I told my sister to announce that she was throwing the party and to make sure this girl was there. When she got there I started talking to her and making as though I wanted to go out with her. Well I talked her into hang out with a couple of my friend s who were playing truth or dare upstairs. Well by now she had been drinking alot and was pretty plastered. Well it she finally gave in and took a dare.

So we dared her to spend the rest of the night wearing nothing but a towel. well she did and on her next dare we dared her to walk through the party going on downstairs. When she went to leave my room we made sure the towel got stuck in the door. She was so drunk she didn't realize it and started downstair and everybody started laughing. So basically I did to her what she tried to do to my sister, have most of the school see her naked. She was so embarrassed. We also threw her clothes out the window and she had to run out side grab them and get dressed in her car.

I later found out that someone had a camera at the party and pictures were all over school by the end of the year.

(Great Job! You know you gotta look out for your family. She learned the old but true saying, "what goes around, comes around!"--


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