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Revenge Stories #17

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Revenge Stories #17

Here`s my story I left my girlfriend because she gambled/spent all my money and had 8 affairs, I treated her like a queen...but finally after therapy and everything I left her...and I took our son with during our court day she swung me a deal, I could keep my son as long as I tried one last time on our relationship..she was only a couple months away from having her second child (a result of a one night stand with some barfly )

wanting my custody on legal paper with out a fight in court sounded good....I said"ok" Ii told her if she wanted to prove her undying love for me she would get a tattoo that said"property of Doug" on her arm...wanting this to work she did it....two weeks later I had custody and dumped her a week after the tattoo was finished.....

just for the record..I`m currently going for custody of the second child and recently won parental reconition for her...the mom is still sleeping around and should be an easy victory....

my best tool is a mini tape recorder and I tapped my own phone. and I keep notes of everything...revenge has it`s rewards!!!


(Hey Doug, this is one of the best I've read, hands down! You got her to put a "Property of Doug" tattoo on her arm?? Hilarious!! One tip, recordings of conversations are not legally permissible in court if the other party is not aware they are being recorded. Keep that in mind. . .--


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