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Revenge Stories #16

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Revenge Stories #16

Hey, I got a got a good one for you. I just graduated from high school back in June. Well, each year there is a thing called the "senior prank." This is when members of the senior class play a prank on the administrators of the school. My class was crazy, so we played a number of pranks all year including yard jobs to the school lawn, pepper spray in the hallways before students changed classes, and of course the cafeteria food fights. Out of all the wild stuff we've done, there is one prank that sticks out in my mind the most.

The year was winding down, and it was the beginning of May. I am in a school in Florida, so it is usually hot, but in mid-May, the summer is just beginning. It was pretty damn hot and humid, so we were really restless. We decided that we wanted to do a prank that would last longer than few minutes and affect the entire student body in one way or another. So here's what we did.

On Friday, right after school let out, me and a couple of friends went to the fish market and bought six big ass carp. Then, we went to the store and bought six cheap padlocks. We returned to the school after we gave the teachers time to leave. Next, we went to six different lockers that did not have lock on them that were spread out all over the school. We put the fish in those lockers. After we closed the lockers we put the padlocks on, to make sure that no one would get into the locker without any trouble.

The fish sat in those lockers all weekend in the humidity and heat. Monday morning, the school smelled like nasty, stinky fish! It was great! Everyone-student body, teachers, principals, custodians, etc.-were all victims of our revenge! The smell didn't leave the school for three days! Of course, I skipped the rest of the school day on Monday. Why should I have to smell those nasty fish?

Late. . .

Pimp Jim

(Well done Pimp Jim! In my high school, there was a wierd fishy odor that was always around. . . and it wasn't from a fish! Use your imagination young one! --


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