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Revenge Stories #15

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Revenge Stories #15

Reading the dildo and cream story brought back some memories. Here is a great prank involving a dildo.

A friend of mine was jilted by her ruthless boyfriend and I had a plan. We purchased a bright white vibrator and made sure to fill it with fresh Duracell's. We followed him to a largely crowded supermarket one evening. While he was in the store we quickly super glued the running (full blast) vibrator to the hood of his shiny, new, black, luxury car.

After watching the faces of every soul leaving the parking lot, (which was worth it alone) he came out of the market. When he saw the vibrator, he stood frozen with shock. He was too afraid to touch the thing and was quite puzzled at what to do. He tried hitting it off with a loaf of bread, but to no avail. After being stared at by dozens of exiting customers, he decided to make a quick get away.

He was forced to drive about two miles home with the vibrating vibrator. It was classic and unforgettable!!


(I can only imagine such a site. . . Naw, I can't even imagine it. Nice job!--


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