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Revenge Stories #14

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Revenge Stories #14

.This revenge turned out much better than I ever could have hoped.

My friends and I frequented this local bar/restaurant several times a month and a certain cook repeatedly put onions on my nachos, no matter how many times I instructed the waitress to make sure the cook didn't put onions on my nachos.

After the third time, I insisted on looking at the waitresses ticket, and she had written "NO ONIONS" on it, and she circled it and underlined it.

Well, guess what...ONIONS!

I sent this order back and ask for a new one without onions (previously, I just picked the onions off of the nachos). I had never noticed before, but this night I saw that the cook was the mother of girl I was had been casual friends with.

We didn't know it at the time, but this girl got pregnant and told her mother that it was mine--although I had never dated nor slept with the girl (I found out months later that the girl was pregnant by this guy twice her age and who was now in prison and so she figured her mom wouldn't be so ticked if she told her it was me, a guy with a future, who was the father. Problem was, I knew nothing of the plan and so her mother thought I was a jerk for ignoring her daughter and not coming to visit to discuss what we were going to do about the baby.)

Back to the story...we followed the lady home (without her noticing) so that we could see where she lived. Later that month we came back and jacked up her car so that it's rear tires (it was rear-wheel drive) were about 1/2" from touching the ground. We then put some wood blocks under the axle so we could take our jacks with us.

We later learned that the lady went to drive her car and it wouldn't move. She had it towed into the garage (at a cost of about $50) and of course, the garage couldn't find anything wrong with it.

Let this be a lesson to nacho makers--"no onions means no onions."

(Damn, I though I was a picky eater. . . I guess no means no (onions)!--


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