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Revenge Stories #12

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Revenge Stories #12

Here's another story from college (believe me, all of these are true). You really should read the Tornado Warning story below first, so that you will better understand this upcoming story.

Ok, are you back from reading that story? Well here goes...after I had gained my revenge on my roommate with the Tornado Alarm Clock, and the story got around the dorm, some other guys wanted to borrow my extremely loud clock to gain revenge on some of their friends--of course I let them borrow it!

Later that day I learned that they planned on using it on a guy who was somewhat of a condescending jerk, but whom I actually thought was pretty cool. Just before midnight, I went up to the guy and warned him about what was going to occur later that night. The pranksters had already placed thealarm clock under his bed and it was set to go off around 4:00 a.m.

Well, the target of the prank immediately accused me of putting the alarm under his bed and believed that I was simply telling him ahead of time so that he wouldn't think I did it? Does this make any sense to anyone? Why would I tell him BEFORE the alarm went off if I was the one who put the alarm under his bed????

Well now I am ticked at this guy for getting mad at me FOR WARNING HIM about the alarm clock. I waited one day (that's all I the patience I had)and then got my revenge. My dad taught me this one... I got an old 78 record sleeve--the big ones that are about 14"x14"--you know, the cardboard "envelope" that you slide the big 78 records into.

Well, I waited till about 5:00 a.m.; filled the sleeve with baby powder until it was as fat as a sophomore co-ed; slid the opened end of the sleeve under his door; and then jumped up and landed--with both feet--on the record sleeve. Physics will tell you that the baby powder exploded out of the sleeve, under his door, and all over his room.

This became one of the most popular pranks on our campus. The baby powder coats EVERYTHING in the target's room with a slippery dust and it makes the room smell like a girl's room for days. I figure it took this guy a solid day to clean everything in his room. Oh--we got him with the Tornado alarm clock a couple weeks later.

(I guess you are really not to be messed with! Ha, Ha, Ha!-- "fat as a sophomore co-ed." --


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