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Revenge Stories #11

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Revenge Stories #11

I call this story, the Tornado Warning. It too is from my small private college in mid Michigan.

My roommate during my freshman year was a real pansy--I'll leave it at that. He was a real brain but he wouldn't participate in any of our dorm activities and this led him to become somewhat alienated by the rest of our floor.

I got along fine with him but I did have one pet peeve against him. When his alarm would go off in the morning, he would let it buzz for 2-3 minutes before shutting it off. Even after I told him to quit doing this, he continued to let it buzz.

Well, my father (who is the king of pranks) bought me this amazing alarm clock. When the volume was fully turned up, it was as loud as most city's tornado-warning sirens. I placed this alarm under my bed--as far under it as possible. I set it for 3:30 a.m. and then I went to spend the night with my friend who happened to have his own room next to mine.

When that baby went off at 3:30, the whole dorm was awakened. Guys on other floors actually started filing outside, thinking that it was a test of the college's alarm system. My friend and I listened as my roommate first fell out of his bed, then screamed, then tried to figure out what was happening, and finally searched all over for that damn alarm clock. We could actually hear him tip over the bed and pull the clock's cord out of the socket. We couldn't get back to sleep for the rest of the night because we were laughing so hard. My roommate could hear us and he littered us with profanity for the next hour or so--but he never let his alarm clock buzz for longer than 10 seconds since I got my revenge.

(A marvelous revenge! I once had a problem with my college roommate. Things changed after I whooped him with a coat hanger!--

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