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Revenge Stories #10

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Revenge Stories #10

Here's another revenge story from my small private college in Michigan. When a vacant room opened up on the second floor of our dorm, I decided to jump at the chance to have my own room and to be one floor closer to the ground.

The only downside was that I was moving away from my dorm buddies on the 3rd floor. Two of my best friends/pranksters had the room directly above my new room and they repeatedly threw food--eggs, chocolate syrup, milk--on my windows. It was impossible to get the junk off without a hose--which I didn't have.

One night after a thunderstorm I decided to get back at them. I went outside and made approximately 50 mudballs (the size of softballs) and placed them right behind a tree in front of our windows. I then went up to my room and phoned these two idiots. I pretended to be mad and told them to stop throwing crap on my window. I then ran down to my supply of mudballs.

Of course, the two morons immediately fully opened both of their windows and prepared to throw more junk on my windows. At this point I must point out that the windows in our dorm rooms are the "crank" type. You have to crank the windows open by twirling a little handle(crank) until they are fully open. It takes about 15 seconds to fully open the window--and more importantly--it takes 15 seconds to fully close the windows!

Well, I think we all know what is going to happen now. I waited until the guys open their windows all the way and then I began peppering their room and them--as they furiously and futilely--attempted to shut their windows. I should note that I am a baseball pitcher who prides himself on my blazing fastball and excellent control.

I would estimate that 40-45 of the mudballs either entered their room or hit the pranksters. They were screaming like someone was murdering them all the time that they were trying to crank shut their windows.

I later learned that they had just finished doing their laundry and it was spread out on their beds when the mudfest began. Needless to say, they had to do it all over again.

They never threw anything on my windows again.

(You are quite the prankster! Somehow, I see a great deal of entertaining revenge stories that will be shared in the future. Keep 'em coming! --


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