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  • This lashing will definitely get your message across. Our customers agree that the offenders definitely took heed.
  • This letter is the perfect way of getting your message across in a compassionate and gentle manner. The letter identifies the problem and proposes enlightening solutions
  • Go ahead and reveal your thoughts anonymously. You will be glad you did!

Body Odor Letters/Emails

We all know someone with a problem or someone who offends us, but were not always able to express our discomfort with these people. Allow to do the "dirty work" and get your message to them. All while preserving your anonymity, unless you tell us to include your name.

Remember, all these packages come with a "gift" to reinforce your message!

We have provided some short excerpts from the letters so you can get a feel of what the letter hopes to accomplish.


Naughty Version (excerpt)

Dear (whoever),
          . . .Your body odor is so foul that I would rather smell babies diapers for a living than stand next to you for more than 10 seconds. . . I do know where you are from, but in America we shower regularly and use soap-- please change your ways. . .   

Nice Version (excerpt)
Dear (whoever),
         . . .You seem to have a problem with controlling your body odor. . .You may not know you have this problem, but others do. . .the causes of body odor are numerous and varying. . .To help control or eliminate this problem, you should shower daily or maybe twice daily. . .   

  • All of our letters (nice versions) begin with, "Someone who really cares about you wants you to know. . ."

*Letter packages include a soap and deodarant enclosure


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